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MAA Garment Technology

The garment factory can produce both woven & knitted garments.It is designed to produce Men’s shirts& women’s blouses and trousers for men from light,medium & heavy weight & sets of jeans trousers & jackets.

Garment Technology

Very flexible & brand new state-of-the art technology,consisting of the following machineries & equipment:

  • Cutting  Section: It  comprises  4  full  size  cutting  tables,automatic  cloth  spreading  &  click  press cutting machines.
  • Design  &  Pattern  Making  Section:It  comprises  Computer  aided  designing  &  pattern  Making unit(CAD/CAM) with digitizer & plotter.
  • Make  Up  Section: A  total  of  825  sewing  machines,about  84%  of  them  Juki  type  of  different varieties including:Single & double,three,four & five thread over lock machines,flst locks,two & three needle feed of the arms,& different specialized machines.Top fuse,collar,cuff & pocket form & pressing devices,collar centre making,sleeve attach & button fastening machines etc.
  • Embroidery  Facilities: Five  embroidery  machines  which  are  able  to  produce  up  to    nine colors.Four machines which are having 10/10/1/1 Heads & 1 machine having 20 heads with a total of 42 heads.
  • Finishing Section: Electric & Steam ironing machines,shirt folding devices,trousers opening & leg press  seam  machines,d/t  finishing  devices  including:spot  vacuum  board  &  spray  cleaning gun,automatic  strapping  machines,poly  bag  sealing  machines  &  iron  for  thermo adhesive paper.Washing,dryer & Hydro extractor machines.
  • Quality  Section: It  comprises  fabric  inspection,color  cabinet,crock  meter,strength  tester,sample cutters & other tools & equipments.

Yearly Capacity/Shift

  • 4 million pieces of T‐shirt equivalent garments in one shift operation.

Work Force

  • At  full  capacity,the  factory  can  accommodate  more  than  1200  employees  in  one shift operation.Currently,the factory has 874 employees.


  • Suits,  shirts,  trousers,  T‐shirts,  polo  shirts,  jackets,  dresses&  blouses,  gowns, trousers, overall & others.


  • Single Jersey light to Heavy GSM
  • Interlock
  • Rib
  • Pique
  • Fleece & others
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Our Location and Operating HoursFind

Our Address:
Ras Alula Abanega Avenue
Near Alula Abanega Int. Airport
Mekelle, P.O.Box 1804, Ethiopia
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 2am to 5:30pm
Saturday 2am to 12am

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