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Management Principles

  • The management should be able to understand the basic problems and aspirations that could hinder a worker to attain his/her production targets.
  • The management should always strive to keep the equilibrium between company and employees interests.
  • Senior managers need to spend most of their time at the production floor.
  • Communication from top-bottom and vice versa need to be smooth, fast and effective.
  • Quality controlling is everybody’s responsibility.
  • Everybody starting from the top management up to the operative staff needs to be time, quality and cost conscious.
  • There is a need for continuous effort to minimize our factory’s cost with out compromising the quality of our products and services.
  • Besides to maintaining quality standards, ensuring on time delivery is crucial for building a long lasting business relationship with a customer.
  • Effective communication is very important in the initial contact, in maintaining contact and in establishing long-term relationship with customers.
  • Proper documentation saves time, cost, energy and it Helps to establish smooth relationship with customers
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Our Address:
Ras Alula Abanega Avenue
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Mon. to Fri. 2am to 5:30pm
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