MAA Textiles
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 12:09

The Textile factory is comprised of Spinning,Knitting,Dyeing & Finishing.


The spinning plant is designed to produce 10 tons per day of yarn with the following composition:

Generally we have two lines, Ring line and O.E line. In the Ring line we have two qualities, carded and combed lines. In addition to these we have the possibility of producing polyester cotton with different counts in both lines.


This is one of the project which is operational since April 2009.It’s daily capacity is 6 tons .The plant  comprises  of  12  circular  from  MAYER  & CIE(Germany)&  4  Flat  knitting  Machines  from SHIMA SEKI(JAPAN).


This plant comprises the latest laboratory & HPHT dyeing Machines & color kitchen. The HPHT machineries can dye knitted, woven made of 100% cotton & blends. The laboratory comprises Spectrophotometer, automatic dispenser(data color), sample dyeing machine, light fastness tester, Crock meter, perspirometer, shrinkage tester, washing fastness machine, dryer & light cabinet equipments.
Dyeing section has a capacity up to 8.1 tons per day. It comprises the following machineries:
  • 1xMini soft machine with a capacity of 20 Kg from THIES(GERMANY)
  • 1xECO MASTER with a capacity of 180Kg from THIES(GERMANY)
  • 2xECO MASTER with a capacity of 540Kg from THIES(GERMANY)
  • 1xECO MASTER with a capacity of 900Kg from THIES(GERMANY)


This plant comprises the following machineries:
  • Tension less dryer(MONFORTS) from Germany
  • Stenter(Monforts) from Germany
  • Super slitting Machine(CORINO) from Italy
  • Compactor(Monforts) from Germany
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